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The following slide show is humorus. NOTHING bad is intended. It's political in nature so if you posess a HARDBALL attitude about whatever party you belong to and have no sense of humor at all so you'll just have to piss, moan and groan and have a hissy fit.....don't bother proceeding.........PLEASE use a button on your browser to continue on with your journey on the Information Super Highway called the Internet.

Because this slide show is being hosted by TRIPOD... there are AD BANNERS (hmmm, wonder why) on every page so the slide show doesn't move as smoothly as I'd like it to but it does move along. I've provided two links: One to view as a slide show and one to view STATICALLY. ( meaning you'll have to click on the NEXT link at the bottom of each page.)

Click HERE to view as a slide show


HERE to view in the static version.