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Recently,sometime in May of 99,Star Blvrd 
has become a pay for service just like Web Up is.
However,one still may use star blvd transloader
for free but are limited to using a file no
greater than 30K (That means most jpgs, banners
and awards or anything worth while)
The best thing out there, as of 5-99, is 
Domania.Com, also known as FREELOADER.

Click on this sentence for Domania.Com Freeloader.

Once there you will see something like this, although on the real page there are text boxes.

Click Here to Visit our Sponsor
:there will be an ad banner above this, please click on it. Even if you are not interested in what is advertised.
By clicking on the ad banner EVERYTIME you UPLOAD something, the cost of the bandwidth used is defrayed by these advertisers which keeps this service FREE. That is the main reason Anthony's Star Boulevard Transloader is limited today.......not enough ppl were clicking on the ad banners. Also, you don't have to buy anything just click on the banner. I've been doing it for some weeks now and haven't seen any major increase in spam, if you're concerned about that.

Domania Freeloader from...
: the name that follows is the person responsible for this GREAT service.....Thank you Prodigal son

There are 3 Freeloader FTP Uploaders,, and
: each of these are links to FREELOADERS. and are on ONE server and is on another. But it doesn't really matter which you use. They all do the same thing. Just if Domania's Server is too busy, try one of the other two.

[Freeloader info]     [Load ALL saved cookie info]
: the first link (on the real page not this one) is instructions on filling out the Freeloader and the second link (on the real page) is to load all of the saved information, just like Star Blvd's Palette. More on this at bottom of this page.
If you're new to uploading don't worry about this for now.

Your Homepage base URL: (optional)
You're gonna enter either
OR or whatever server your using to host your web site

File to be copied: (required)
Fill in with something.gif OR .html OR .jpg OR .wav OR .midi OR .ram

FTP server info

Remote FTP server: (required)
: put in
OR (for angelfire accounts only)
OR the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server the host of your web site uses

User login: (required)
Put in your username

Username Password: (required)
Put in your password

Subdirectory: (if any)
If you have any subdirectories put in the name of it. Do not include any slash (/) marks. ie. images or midi NOT images/ or /midi

New name for file: (required)
Put in something.gif OR .jpg OR .midi etc.etc.

You're done inputting information, NOW press the button that says UP IT. After the page changes you scroll down to the "Check to see if it's there" link and click on it. If it shows up then it's in your directory.

The following is for saving the same type of info you just put in the text boxes for working with different accounts at different servers.

host user pass subd

Fill in the appropriate info and press the save button so the next time you use the Freeloader you wont have to type out all the info. You are able to save information for up to three additional accounts
#2 Save   Load   Dump   Transfer   ^
#3 Save   Load   Dump   Transfer   ^
#4 Save   Load   Dump   Transfer   ^