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This award was certainly unexpected, Thanks John! My site was featured at his "Site of the Week" for the week of 6-7-99 thru 6-14

If you need some links or tools or wanna find all sorts of goodies then click on Sir John's Award.

What an HONOR, thanks Glimmerman.
Visit this site for some VERY HELPFUL Info. This guy knows what he's doing.

Thank you very much Barb. It's a great pleasure winning awards......isn't it?

Thank you so much Crystal, ;- ) , I'm truely honored. Please go visted this little girl's site...Thank you

Thanks alot little buddy, appreciate the thought. Please go and have a peak at this little guys site, he's learning....... ; - )


Thanks HON ~SMILE~

Given on January 24, 2000

This means a WHOLE LOT to me. Thank you so much Pepper. PLEASE VISIT THIS UNIQUE SITE, you won't be sorry you did.