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Friends Homepages

Night Owl's Roost
NightOwl is my Cyber Ma so I call her Momma Owl. Lots of her cyber chickies do. Momma has really out done herself on her site. A MONSTER Homepage with ALL sorts of goodies and resourceful information. A definate MUST SEE. ; - ) Luv yaz Momma !!!
Meet Jiba........a special place
this is a very well thought out site and a touching read, thanks Barb
Angel Wings And Things
very tranquil
BJ' s World
a marvelous site done by a lady with the use of only one hand. An excellent resource page for newbies and more, check it out
Ding's Links For Kids
Special page for kids!!! (any age)
Lady Pepper
Very well done site. Edited often so take a peek now. Very funny and a very helpful homepage
Very very nice touching stories. If you like cats then click away.......I certainly did. This lady is very knowledgable also. A1 resource.
Doc Wat's Page
Great Poetry! Gotta see it.
Devil's Fan Domain
Not the kind of devil you're thinking of. Check it out.
Trapical Tim's Waikiki Homepage
Did you say Waikiki, Hawaii? Lern more about it. Very informative and well done. Also a Denver Bronco page.......go figure?
Brenda's Homepage
fun site, gifs, midis and more
Mystic's Home
Do you like unicorns? Angels? Poetry? If the answer is yes then what are you waiting for, check this site out!
Poski's Homepage
This is a newcomer to my list of friends homepages, outside of the "Stump the Monkey" message board and Momma Nightowl's hompage and, of course, my homepage this is a most resourceful site. You have to see it to believe me.
8ball rack image cue and 8ball image


American Poolplayers Association Home Page
Learn about the APA
World Standardized Rules- 8 ball
Self explanatory
World Standardized Rules- 14.1
Also knon as Straight pool
World Standarized Rules- 9 ball
Nine ball is usually a money game
Billiard Congress of America
Learn all about pool
Brent Clark's Pool Site
For beginners
Pool and Billiard Magazine
A must see
Pocket Billiard instruction magazine
Very helpful
Billiard World Web magazine
Another must see
A Fan Forum
A pool NewsGroup !!!
Billiard Sites
worth looking into


A PARENT'S GUIDE TO THE INTERNET and how to protect your children in cyberspace

Links for kids

an online elementary level school
Ding's Links For Kids
a special page for kids, check it out
Boredom Buster
your online helper for keeping little hands busy....
Kid's Page
A great site EVERY parent should see this one
Kids and Family
nice homepage
Muppets Homepage
kids young and old are welcome here
what can I say?
Libby's Tikes
Excellant site for kids
Fun Links
Links for kids under 6
Science and Meuseums
For kids and students
Kids books and Stories
links for younger kids
A really cute and informative site for kids of all ages with hampsters
Best Kid's Web Sites by InfoTrek.Com
Quite a few excellent links here
A Tigger Web Ring
Are you or someone you know a BIG FAN OF TIGGER? I am.

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